Dentures Darwin

Are you in need of dentures? At our darwin dental care clinic, affordable dentures can be availed through the guidance of our professional dentist. Proper selection of dentures is a must to ensure a perfect match to a client’s needs, budget, and even lifestyle.

Dentures come in different styles regardless you need full or partial dentures. Below are the common styles of full dentures and partial dentures your dentist will suggest:

Full Dentures

  • Ultimate fit dentures

This style of dentures is designed to fit the exact contour of the patient’s mouth and oral topography so that the final effect is as if wearing none. The ultimate fit dentures are durable, very light, odor and stain resistant. If you have previously worn a traditional type of denture, going for an ultimate fit denture is an enjoyable experience. If you will opt for this style of full the denture, expect to add another day prior fitting.

  • Economy denture

The economy denture is favoured by many patients due to its cheaper cost. With the help of our dentist and a lab technician, accurate measurement of the teeth based on size and shape will be derived including the physical appearance the clients prefer. The economy denture can be fitted that same day.

Partial Dentures

  • Acrylic dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are the most affordable, but they feel bulky when worn. The acrylic partial denture is usually attached to your natural teeth with the aid of tiny metal clasps. In most cases, the acrylic partial dentures are available that same day.

  • Cast metal partial dentures

If you want a greater fit and less bulky, the cast metal partial denture is a good option. The framework structure of this style of partial denture is stronger and made from high-quality metal. The waiting period before your cast metal partial dentures is approximately two to three weeks.

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