Sleep Devices Darwin

Do you want to have a good night sleep? Our wide ranges of sleep devices can provide long-term solutions to you or any member of your family experiencing problems of snoring, sleep apnea including the common issue of teeth grinding while sleeping.

Snoring is one of the major complaints that every individual may confide and cause annoyance. This problem could be a sign of airway problem and can be dangerous if not treated right. With the professional guidance of our experts, we will discuss the best sleeping device solution to put an end to this unwanted snoring. During the initial appointment, our attending dentist will perform an extensive check on the back of your mouth, covering the throat and tonsils.

If the need arises, we will recommend you undergo a sleep study evaluation to verify if a CPAP equipment is ideal, or a mandibular advancement device will be advised. This sleeping device is a leading treatment option for people with sleep apnea and snoring.

Grinding of teeth is another common problem that can affect anyone while sleeping. If this continues, the person with this problem may complain of severe headaches, pain or soreness around the jaw. If you or a loved one is suffering from grinding or clenching of teeth at night, we can provide you a quick fix to resolve the problem and reduce pain or discomfort.

For your convenience, feel free to contact us for your initial appointment. Our team of specialists is readily available to assess your oral care needs and give the best solution.

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